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New York City, USA, 2018

International Conference on Sustainable Development

Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University, New York, NY


Post-Conference IEEE Workshop: 

Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals

Sept. 28, 2018 (day long)


Presenters: Paul Cunningham, Pritpal Singh, Kevin Passino, Shaikh Fattah, Khanjan Mehta

Attendees: About 80

Financial Support: IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee



  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Humanitarian/development engineering examples and connection to SDGs
  3. Participatory development
  4. Community needs/assets assessment
  5. Technology services for NGOs
  6. Human-centered design
  7. Outcome assessment
  8. Ethics and unintended consequences
  9. Related, broad, technology needs
  10. Examples of technologies for sustainable development (details)
  11. Design break-out groups (tech for specific communities)
  12. Reporting from groups
  13. Wrap-up