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Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016

Title: Humanitarian Feedback Control Engineering

Location/Program/Support: Workshop before the IEEE Multiconference on Systems and Control, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Funded by IEEE Control Systems Society TAB, and IEEE Foundation. About 25 attendees.

Date and Time: Sept. 19, 2016. Duration: 8 hrs., 5.5 hrs lecture time.

Based On: Course Spring 2016, book 2nd Edition

Outline: For slides for talks, click here. For video recording of lectures on this subject see the short course of the same title below.

  1. Feedback control for financial advisor, model and analysis of sustainability
  2. Models and analysis of wealth distribution policy, democracy, and environmental justice
  3. Economic models and analysis, poverty traps, optimization for allocation, technology diffusion, resource utilization control
  4. Cooperative management of community technology, models and analysis of technologies for sustainable community development