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Asunción, Paraguay, 2016

Title: Humanitarian Engineering Workshop: Paraguay 2016

Location/Program/Support: The following events were a part of the workshop:

  • Short course, 6 hrs. by Hugo Gonzalez and Isabel Fernandez, slides to be posted (in Spanish), lecture videos are herehere, and here. Slides are hereherehere, and here. See below for outline.
  • Short course, 3 hrs., 1 hr each, by Mario Aleman (Managua, Nicaragua), Diana Duarte (Bogotá, Colombia), Jorge Finke (Cali, Colombia). Slides are hereherehere, and here.  See below for talk titles.
  • Community assessment and project work: Qom People, Cerrito. Chose to work on a cookstove and kitchen construction for a young family. 
  • STEM education for underprivileged children in two high schools in Asunción, and one at Cerrito (total of seven 2-hr sessions).

Funded by IEEE Foundation and IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee.  Partners included IEEE Section, Paraguay, IEEE student chapter at Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Fundación Paraguaya, and Benjamin Franklin Science Corner at the US Embassy.  

The short course components averaged about 30 attendees per day.

Dates: Aug. 11-22, 2016

Based On: Course, Spring 2016, last part; Chapter 4 of 2nd Edition of book.

Outline: 6-hr portion of short course:

  1. Helping
  2. Participation
  3. Community assessment
  4. Project selection
  5. Humanitarian and appropriate technology
  6. Project examples

Talks by Experts: 3-hr portion of short course:

  1. Mario Alemán, Section Chair IEEE Nicaragua, "Experiencias del Empoderamiento Comunitario e Interrelaciones con Personas y Organizaciones en Nicaragua a través de la Educación"
  2. Diana Duarte, ISF Colombia, "Distancia Cero – Ingenieros sin Fronteras, Colombia, Ingenieros Sin Fronteras Colombia: Experiencias en  Diseño e Ingeniería Social"
  3. Jorge Finke, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali Colombia, "Grandes datos, grandes retos"