Privacy Policy

Generally speaking, we endeavor to be good stewards of your data, using it only to improve site quality, for generally accepted business purposes, or as required by law.

Information Collected on All Sites

We reserve the right to collect any and all information available for the purposes of improving site performance, quality, and applicability of content. Like most sites, we collect information via:

  • Server Logs
  • Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Google Analytics

We may add additional tools in the future.

Site Forms

Some sites have online forms. Data collected by the university is protected by the university's Institutional Data Policy. However, different forms obviously collect different types of information for different purposes. A person submitting a comment in a public forum should have no expectation that their post will remain private, but an individual entering confidential information as part of a scholarship application should expect that their data will be used for university business and treated in accordance with our institutional data policy.

If you have a question about data collected by a particular form, please contact this site's maintainers.

  • passino.1 [at]
  • faley.4 [at]

Information Sharing

In the interests of improving our sites via benchmarking we sometimes share aggregate information regarding website usage. We generally don't share detailed information about individuals.

As a public institution, many of our records are subject to freedom of information requests.